Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today I am 24 weeks! A big milestone as this is the minimal viability for a baby. So excited to be at this point!

Total weight gain: 10lbs or so
Maternity clothes: pants, definantly! Can fit in a few of my regular shirts still!
Stretch marks: No new ones!
Sleep: Sleeping better in the past 2 weeks then the previous 6!
Movement: Alot most days, especially in the afternoon and evening!
Food Cravings: Not really eating sweets--rare for me! Pickles and salty things are yummy!
Labor Signs: A couple contractions, nothing that hurts or worrisome, thank goodness!
Belly Button: Still looking like it should
What I miss eating: Queso dip, a big juicy hot dog!
What am I looking forward to: her arrival, of course at least in 12 weeks!
Milestones: 24 weeks! Also, getting Brett to actually start planning for a baby!

I now have to sit down to put socks and shoes on. Getting up and down is definantly not easy and I am stiff and sore, lots of back pain especially after work. This weekend my pregnant self is in a fashion and hair show for breast cancer awareness...talk about interesting since I'll be in heels, YIKES! Next weekend we are headed to Baltimore and furniture shopping. We are hoping to find things for the nursery and the house, can't wait!

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