Monday, July 20, 2009

Africa, Baby Carlos's first trip outside the US

Well we are back from our trip to Africa, probably my one and only trip! It was definantly an experience!! In Ethiopia we had power only every other day in the capital city, which meant we only MAYBE had hot water every other day. So we got used to being dirty and not eating much other than bread, coke, and bottled water. Depressing is a word that comes to mind in describing Ethiopia--it's the third poorest country in the world with an unemployment rate of 50%. All day long people were lining the streets with no place to go, sleeping in the gutters or just meandering around. Also, if anybody thinks universal government run healthcare's a good idea, you need to visit Ethiopia!! The safari in Kenya was awesome, wish we could have gone longer, but would so recommend that!!

The baby Carlos thing--if you have seen The Hangover you understand! Everybody thinks we are having a boy, so one of my brothers--I believe it was Mitch--started referring to the baby as baby Carlos. Now everybody in Africa that met us knows about baby Carlos. I have let it be known that if we are having a girl, no more baby Carlos comments! :)

Here's a link to the pictures--Thanks Mitch for narrowing it down!

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