Monday, August 3, 2009

It's a girl! No more baby Carlos!

To Mitch, Mark, Brett, Luke and Jeanie: NO MORE BABY CARLOS!!
Today was our level II ultrasound and boy has it been an emotional rollercoaster!! I was so excited to hear that we were having a girl, especially since everyone thought it was a boy! We went to Duke Maternal-Fetal Medicine for the ultrasound and they assured us (after our second visit of the day!) that everthing looks fine...BUT she does have a 2 vessel umbilical cord. A normal baby has 3 vessels, 2 that feed the baby and 1 that returns blood to me. However, she only has one vessel feeding her. There are TONS of anomalies that can be associated with this, many I had no clue about. I have delivered many babies with 2 vessel cords that are just fine so that's what we are praying for! The MFM specialist assured us that everything about her looks normal, their main concern going forward is that she grows well. We follow up in October with another level II ultrasound and will keep going to my OBGYN for weight and measurement follow up. We are hoping and praying that worst case scenario she'll just be a little small!

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