Saturday, December 26, 2009

Camryn Grace Dysart is here!

Camryn Grace Dysart
This is my favorite!
Right after delivery: Jeanette, Dr. Mohr, Camryn, Me and Brett

Tuesday Brett and I went to the hospital for my induction. Started pitocin at 7:30, they broke my water at 8:30, epidural 10:45 and her arrival at 4:25 pm! Things went really smoothly, thank the Lord!, and pretty quick! Once I got to 4 cm it was only 2 1/2 hrs later and she was here! Thankfully I only had to push for 4 contractions (while I puked my brains out!). I don't know how people push for hours on end!! My labor progressed so rapidly at the end that none of my family was even at the hospital--my mom was not too happy about that! Of course the only time Brett left the room was 5 mins before Jeanette (my nurse) checked me and lil miss was practically crowning! Dr. Mohr delivered her and was fabulous! Brett and I both had a great experience. Brett was super supportive and did a great job! It was a great experience for him to see my work environment at Rex and he was so interested in everything with Camryn's delivery. Even crazier is after delivery we found out that she had a true knot in her umbilical cord. Those happen when the baby is so active that they flip around and tie a knot, usually during the first trimester. This is something else that inhibits blood flow to the baby. This lil girl was truly meant to be here between my progesterone problems with this pregnancy, the 2 vessel cord and then a knot to top it off! She weighed a lot more than everyone thought, 7 lbs and was 21 inches long.
Since delivery Camryn has been a great baby so far! She loves to sleep and has only woken up once during the night to be fed, every other time I have to set an alarm to wake her up to eat! She's a great eater which has definantly helped. I also totally understand why people bottle feed, holy cow! Saturday we head to the pediatrician and get her bilirubin levels checked and her first dr's appt.

We want to thank you all for your love, support and prayers! We so appreciate and covet them! As new parents we need all the help we can get!! We'll keep you all posted!


  1. Congratulations Jenna & Brett. We're at work and checking up on you! The pictures of Camryn are gorgeous! AND we're all impressed how great you looked after delivery! Good work, girl. Enjoy your time off with your little miracle. We miss you already!

  2. Jenna! How amazing... What a great story, and what's even greater is that you have the time and energy to keep up your blog! God is good... I'll bet she's going to be so strong and resilient and loyal... Just a few personality traits she has shown you already. It is truly a miracle and blessing, and I am so happy for you! Hope to keep in touch... Wish you the best...