Thursday, December 3, 2009

36+ weeks!

Feeling massive at this point! This past weekend we set up most of the house for Christmas, sooo fun! This is the first year Brett has been here to help--every other year he was working. He even did lights on the house! I am so excited for Christmas, it's my favorite holiday and even more so this year!!

Thanksgiving was pretty low key as both of our families ditched us and I had to work--plus I can't really go to the mountains or Michigan this pregnant! We had a nice dinner at our house Wednesday night with Mitch, Mark and Jeanie though and that made it feel like we at least had a holiday! Our last shower is this weekend and it's just weird to think that "she" could be here any day!

As far as the nursery goes, I just need to order the glider and finish the curtains with my mom. My 35 week dr's appt made me realize I gotta get things done! Planning on getting everything we need Tuesday after my next appointment.

Weight gain: about 20 lbs...not too bad if I do say so myself!

Stretch marks: still no new ones!!

Sleep: fair, waking up a lot at night Dr. Mohr says "You must be peeing a lot because of how low she is". Boy is she right!

Movement: she is being good and moving a lot still...very reassuring for her paranoid mother!!

Food Cravings: Orange Juice everyday! Had to have jello the other day--I never eat that stuff!

Labor Signs: Well, she's settled in my pelvis well...not really dilated. Contracting more frequently.

Belly Button: Still hasn't popped!

What I miss eating: BEER, sangria, etc.

What I am looking forward to: meeting her!!

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