Tuesday, January 19, 2010

4 weeks and counting!

This first month has flown by! Camryn is starting to wake up a little bit more--of course not always when I would like it, like 4 AM. We love her alert times! She has such big, beautiful eyes and she LOVES to stare at the fans and pictures on the walls...it's too cute to see her entranced! She is starting to fight going to sleep when she's tired which is so NOT fun! I'm reading Happiest Baby on the Block and getting some good pointers but I'm always open to more!! Brett has been great with letting me get some sleep when he's home. He'll get up with Camryn in the morning and watch her so I can get a few hours of undisturbed sleep which has been lifesaving! Our friends have been great with bringing by meals! It has been so nice not to cook as much! Also, Brett's mom and my mom have come over and watched Camryn for a couple hours to allow me to run some errands childless which I so took for granted!! Today we took our first walk. It was a gorgeous 65 degrees so we couldn't pass up enjoying the day, plus I need to get back to exercising!

A little bit about Camryn--She is definitely a pacifier girl, don't you dare take it away from her! She doesn't just poop, she explodes, so watch out or your clothes or carpet or bed skirt will be ruined. She doesn't eat, she inhales her food! It can never get in there quick enough and she will only burp on occasion, it is never a guarantee! She loves to sleep still and is an all around good sleeper. She is a squirmer and already loves to lift her head and look around, such a strong little girl!

Friday is our one month appointment and we can't wait to find out how much weight she has gained! I call her my "chunky monkey" because of how active she is and how much she loves to eat! We'll see if that translates into ounces! Friday we are also going to the huge Kids Consignment sale at the state fairgrounds with our neighbors to look for a bunch of things we need for lil miss that we haven't bought yet. I'm excited to see what deals we can find!

I'll post more pictures soon!

Oh--BTW--whoever said babies average 10 diapers/day LIED!! I need to buy stock in Pampers!!

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  1. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg is a wonderful book. It was so helpful as a new mom. The author is British and very funny.

    The 10 diapers a day is a lie, at least in the begining. I felt like the 1st few weeks Benjamin went through more like 18 a day.It does slow way down though...

    Your pics are gorgeous by the way and you look great!
    -Jamie Martin