Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Camryn's First Snow!

Our way of getting Camryn around in the snow and keeping her warm
Camryn had ruined her clothes and Nana thought she'd tease her for a bit
Beautiful snow baby!
Family picture

This past weekend NC got it's most likely one and only snow of the year...at least that's the normal number of times we get snow. We decided (after much convincing) to stay at Jenna's parents for the weekend...we couldn't turn down the jacuzzi, free food, bananagrams, and help with Cam! We ended up getting at least 5" and it was beautiful! Pops (Tom) got stuck in Florida until late Saturday night when he was able to fly to Charlotte and then drive to Raleigh. Camryn did great in the snow! She slept most of the time we were out but enjoyed her walk in the Baby Bjorn and sledding around the yard in her carseat. We finally came home last night after the roads were good enough to drive on.

A general update on Camryn, she is 6 weeks today! She is starting to smile at people and still loves to stare up at fans, pictures, anything really. She has a short attention span however so you have to give her a change in scenary quite often! This past week has started going a consistent 4.5-6 hrs at night between feedings, YAY! She doesn't sleep that entire time but it's better then feeding every 3 hours. She loves being held and she really hates sleeping on her back...she much prefers her side. Sooner than later she will be moving into her nursery. Her pacifier is her best friend (and Jenna's!!). At her one month appointment Cam clocked in at a whopping 8 lbs 11 oz, up 21 ounces in 2 weeks! Obviously she is eating well, the lil porker! She's starting to finally get the thigh rolls and wrist rolls, so cute!! Jenna's grandmother and one of her aunts will be meeting Camryn in a few weeks when they fly in for a quick visit. This will the first of Jenna's extended family to see her. In March we are flying up to Michigan for Jenna's grandfather's 90th birthday so the rest of the family will meet lil miss then. Traveling with a not quite 3 month old will definantly be interesting!! Brett is doing great with Camryn and has titled himself the "champion burper", stating that he can always get her to burp. He is getting more helpful with night time feedings and loves to kiss on Camryn whenever he can. He still likes to hand her off when the screaming will not subside, but we are working on that! On another note, anybody have any secrets for getting baby poop out of clothes besides washing them a million times??

We hope this finds you all well and safe and that you are having a fabulous new year so far! Hope to hear or see you all soon!


  1. OxyClean Free and Clear Powder (Versatile, I think, it's the one with the green lid). It is AMAZING at getting her poopy stains out of her clothes!! And it's free and clear, so no dyes and easy on their baby skin! I soak her poopy stuff in warm water and add oxyclean. Then wash it and add oxyclean to everyload, just in case!

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Jenna! I stumbled on your blog via Elizabeth Purser's blog and am so delighted to see you've had a little girl- what fun! Congratulations! I saw your post about stubborn baby poop and was just about to recommend Oxyclean powder when I saw someone beat me to it! So I second the previous recommendation- seriously- its magic! And congratulations- she's beautiful! Just like her mommy!
    Missy Currin (from Rex)