Sunday, April 11, 2010

3 Month update

Lots of changes this month. I've gone back to work 2 days a week--so glad I'm not back to my 3! It's hard to leave Camryn, but nice to be with adults. Her grandmothers have been great watching her when I'm at work. This summer Jamie will be watching her a lot. Brett and Camryn visited we at work a couple weeks ago and had lunch. We put her on the scale and she topped out at 13.5 lbs!! This lil girl does not miss a meal! She loves to talk, grab hair and jewelry, suck on her entire hand, and blow bubbles. We are definantly in the drooling phase. Camryn is still mostly in 0-3 month clothes but does fit into some 3-6. She is getting more alert and interacts more every day! She still hates her tummy and now besides rolling off her belly, she's started to try to crawl--though right now it's more of a scoot. It's so much fun to see her grow! Her first Easter was spent with her dad and my family (it was my holiday weekend to work). Easter night though, we went up to Lake Gaston for her first trip to the lake and first boat ride--she hates her life jacket by the way.

We got a nice tax return this year and have start some new projects around the house. We, well mainly me, stained the back deck and bought a patio dining set. Camryn got a glider and ottoman for her room and we are redoing the swing set. Her new slide is coming in this week and we got her a swing. Brett has bought the supplies and will soon start putting up wainscoting in the dining room. I think that pretty much covers everything on that end.

Luke, my little brother, did Camryn's 3 month photos a couple of weeks ago. There were some REALLY cute ones as you can see!

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