Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our little girl is all grown up!

Our little kitty with her grandparents
Camryn's 6 month photos
Camryn at the lake with Aunt Jamie about 6 months
I can't believe how the past 7 months have flown by! Camryn has changed so much and our life has changed in many ways as well. Camryn has been to Michigan twice already, the beach a couple times, Lake Gaston and all over the state. She's now crawling, standing on her own, cruising and into EVERYTHING! She has no problem going up stairs, but going down is eventful...hence why they are now gated off. She has only 2 teeth and just got those about 6 weeks ago. She LOVES food still, pretty much anything! She says "Hi!", "Hi Daddy!", "mama", "nana", "thank you". She loves kids and gets very excited and waves both arms to them whenever she sees them. She is a hit wherever we go as she waves to everyone and says "Hi!". I just can't believe she'll be 1 in 5 weeks!!
Camryn is sleeping a lot more, so mom and dad are feeling mostly rested. Daylight savings time sucks though with babies, she has been SO grumpy at night for the past week! She seems to finally be adjusting to the time. Last Saturday Cam's first cousin was born and she meet Owen Thursday night. Boy, that was entertaining as she did not like that he was in her swing and whined until she got to ride it (keep in mind she weighs 20 lbs and hasn't been in it for 4 months and Owen weighs 7 lbs). Quite funny! So below are pictures of Camryn over the last several months! I'm hoping to get back to blogging more!

The major events in our lives since March have been:

May--Michigan for my grandmother's 80th birthday

August--Brett's grandfather died and a friend of mine from high school died, we celebrated our
5th anniversary

September--I turned 26

October--Mark and Jeanie got married, Halloween--we carved pumpkins and handed out candy with our kitty cat

November--Owen was born! Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Cam enjoying the food!

In December we are going to St. john for a week for our anniversary, Brett will be Santa's Elf at our friend's Christmas party, Cam's 1st birthday and party and of course Christmas! We can't wait for all the fun!

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